We did whatever we could , using all the resource including human experts , to keep the database inside 1 domain , but despite of the fact that we got NASA’s super computer [LOL] as webserver ,with all the optimizations and all the sacrifices [by removing many features of our site] , but ,at the end , MILLIONS did it’s Job very well ! ,
Millions of Row/Table… turned our site very slow , and it is causing damage to our performance
There is ONLY one option in front of us:
We start with new database and move our old database to another location [almost!!] , as a result we will have 2 domains , first one which posts 0day [.net] and old one which hosts our old posts [1.2 millions posts , and inside each posts n releases , from 2015 to 2019] , the 2 domains will have different Search engines- ARIO